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On this page, you can add information about your worship services, if you are a church or a Christian fellowship that gathers for worship.

Post your service times and location here. And also, there's a separate page for location information. It's a good idea to post location info in multiple places to make it easier for people to find you.

If worship services are not applicable to your use of this website, maybe because you're a Bible study group, or you just want a Bible search website, you can deactivate this page in the Site Editor. When a page or section is deactivated, its corresponding icon will not be displayed on the home page.

To show you what kind of content could go on this page, here's some sample text excerpted from Redemption Church at redemption.bible

High Impact Worship Services

Worship in spirit. At Redemption, corporate worship is highly participatory. We invite our people to worship with passion and energy. We don't want to be lazy or lethargic when it comes to worship. Instead, we want to be enthusiastic and demonstrative. Scripture allows for a great deal of freedom in worship (clapping, kneeling, raising hands, etc.) but not without losing sight of the object of our worship-we worship God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Emotions are an acceptable part of worship, but should never be manipulated or fabricated. Healthy and appropriate expressions of emotion are part of what it means to worship genuinely in the Spirit.

Uncommon Community

Worship in truth. The Bible is the ultimate authority when it comes to worship. At Redemption, therefore, we strive to worship in truth - the truth of who God is as revealed in Scripture. Strict attention is paid to theological content, ensuring that every lyric sung, every word spoken, and every art form expressed is biblically sound and supported. We also look to God's Word to discern how God desires to be worshiped rather than follow the wisdom of man or the latest cultural fad.